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About Hyperspectral
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About Hyperspectral Imaging 


Hyperspectral imaging is a powerful tool for analysing an object's characteristics using advanced cameras that capture data beyond the visible light spectrum.

Light travels at different wavelengths producing what humans see as different colours. However, our eyes can only detect a narrow portion of light known as the visible light spectrum. Generally speaking, most people can see light within a spectrum ranging from violet, through to red (380-700nm).

Above: Visible light vs. hyperspectral imaging

Other animals and machines can detect light well beyond the visible spectrum. Using advanced hyperspectral cameras, MI8 Optics can capture and analyse images ranging from 380-2500nm. Using machine vision and advanced algorithms, MI8 Optics can "see" well beyond the visible light spectrum and provide powerful insights about the quality of your seeds.

Our Technology
High quality lawn grass seeds as background.jpg

Endophytes are naturally occurring fungi that protect pastures from insect pests, but can sometimes cause animal health problems, like ryegrass staggers. Companies now produce seeds containing certain strains of endophytes that give farmers the best of both worlds – providing pest resistance without seriously affecting animal health. Quality assurance is therefore critical to confirm that seeds have the right endophyte strains, ensure the endophytes are alive, and check for other contaminant strains. In the past, quality control has required a time-consuming manual procedure that destroys the seed in the process. MI8 Optics solves these issues using advanced hyperspectral imaging technology developed at Massey University.

Hyperspectral imaging uses advanced cameras that see beyond the visible light spectrum. MI8 Optics have developed proprietary algorithms to analyse these images and determine the characteristics of seeds, including whether they contain the right endophytes.

MI8 Optics technology provides rapid, powerful insights about the quality of endophyte containing seeds without destroying seeds in the process. The current technology detects, with more than 90% accuracy, whether the endophyte in the seed was dead, alive, or not present at all. The testing is price competitive and has a fast 48-hour turnaround on seed samples.


Identify endophyte strains, viability, and contaminants in your seeds.


Gather deep insights without damaging your samples.


Get insights fast with our optional 48-hour express service.

Endophyte detection is just the beginning. MI8 Optics aims to expand into other seed quality characteristics, such as germination and purity, and automatic seed sorting to ensure only the highest quality seeds are released.

Want to find out more?

What's in your seeds?

Using advanced hyperspectral imagery and our proprietary algorithms, MI8 Optics can see beyond the visible light spectrum.

Our rapid, non-destructive hyperspectral sensing provides powerful insights into the presence, strains, and viability of endophytes in seed samples.

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