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Rapid Analysis of Endophyte Containing Seeds

Discover powerful, non-destructive endophyte analysis using hyperspectral sensing.

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MI8 Optics provides unparalleled analysis of endophyte containing seeds.

Our rapid, non-destructive hyperspectral sensing provides powerful insights into the presence, strains, and viability of endophytes in seed samples.


The human eye perceives only a fraction of visible light.

Using advanced hyperspectral imagery and our proprietary algorithms, MI8 Optics can see beyond the visible light spectrum and provide powerful insights about the quality of your endophyte containing seeds.


Identify endophyte strains, viability, and contaminants in your seeds.


Gather deep insights without damaging your samples.


Get insights fast with our optional 48-hour express service.


Our Team

Bruce Belgrave

Industry Liaison & Director

Eduardo Sandoval, MI8 Optics
Eduardo Sandoval

Senior Technical Officer

Reddy Pullanagari, MI8 Optics
Reddy Pullanagari


Ian Yule, MI8 Optics
Ian Yule

Founder & Director

John Caradus, MI8 Optics
John Caradus


Mark Cleaver, MI8 Optics
Mark Cleaver


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John Lyttleton Laboratory, Entrance 2, 31 Dairy Farm Road, Massey University, Palmerston North, NZ.

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